Cooling was a very important point in the design of project vertical. The goal was to have a cooling design that can offer a high performance in both air- and liquid-cooling while emitting as less noise as possible and not requiring much space on the desk. Only if this points are fulfilled the case is suitable to stand near the monitor and carry the touchscreen. 

High-end air cooling

Vertical is the smallest case in the world to carry 5 x 140 mm fans. A consistent airflow is applied, that also focuses the graphic card. A point that many standard cases are missing. The capability of a high and consistent airflow allows to use fans with low rotation speed and therefore reduce the noise of the pc. The Vertical can carry dual-tower coolers with 140 mm fans and up to 170 mm height.


Air cooling specifications:


Fans:                       5 x 140 mm

CPU cooler:           Up to 170 mm dual-tower

High-end water-cooling

Project Vertical is able to carry 2 x 240 mm radiators on the side panels. 280 mm radiators are maybe possible. I still work on that. A custom loop can be installed out of the box. The mounting bracket for the pump can still carry a SSD or HDD under the pump when water cooling.

Water cooling specifications:


Radiators:              240 x 30 mm radiator with 25 mm fans on the left and right side

Pump:                     Mounting for hole pattern of a lot of standard pumps