Build-up and Specifications

Innovativ Design

Project Vertical is an mATX case with a small footprint. Mainboard and graphicscard are built-in vertical up. This setup reduces the strain onto the mainboard and enables us to reduce the space required on the desk.

High-end Air and water-cooled compositions can be implemented without compromises.

Small vertical tower, consistent airflow, revolutionary design for strong heat output

The open build-up under Verticals top cover and its consistent airflow allows the case to deliver high-end cooling performance while having a very small noise emission.

Fully modular build-up

Airflowcases Vertical can be completely disassembled by just loosen a few screws. This system provides a lot of freedom while building the pc and offers easy servicing.




Dimensions:              (HxWxD) 380 X 245 X 210 mm

Volume:                      19.5 liter

Material:                     2.5 mm Aluminium

Display:                      15.6 inch IPS Display with full hd resolution

Color:                          black

Mainboard:                mATX

Graphicscard:            4 slots and 325 mm length

Power supply:            SFX-L

Hard drives:               6 x 2.5 inch and 1 x 3.5 inch in maximum configuration

Optical drive:            Slim size slot-in

Cooling air:

                                      - CPU Coolers: Up to dual-tower coolers with 170 mm height

                                      - Case fans: 5 x 140 mm fans

Cooling water:

                                      - 2 x 240 mm radiator on the side panels

                                      - Damped mounting-frame for custom waterpumps